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How to Cool Your Home with Blinds During a Heat Wave?

Window Blinds

13 March 2023

You can help prevent immoderate heat gain by blocking or reflecting the sun's rays. To do so, close your window blinds during the day when the heat is out, especially on windows where the sun rays shine directly. Once the rays have set and it starts to cool down outdoors, you can open your window blinds before bedtime to let the now cooler air circulate.

  • Still, our advice differs, If you have dark-coloured window blinds in your home. We recommend keeping dark blinds open during the hottest corridor of the day, as they will attract the sun and make the window blinds and windows heat.

  • Another top is to observe your windows closed during the superheated parts of the day. People automatically take over they should unclose their windows when it gets too warm. still, in super-hot temperatures like the rearmost INDIAN temperature, it's stylish to keep the blinds closed when the sun is out and open when the sun sets. still, when it's time to go to bed, insure your ground-floor windows are closed for security.

Which colour of blinds is best to keep your home cool in summer?

  • Light-coloured window blinds, especially white are a stylish alternative for keeping your home cool in summer. Dark-coloured hangouts, specifically black hangouts, can have a contrary effect. They'll do their job in terms of separateness and light controller, but black window blinds will fail when it comes to helping control the temperature in summer. The dark colour will attract the sunlight and could potentially add to overheating.

  • White or light-coloured window blinds are the stylish choice all time round. They will not attract the violent summer sunlight and will still be effective in winter at helping to retain the heat when used rightly.

Which type of blinds is best to keep your home cool in summer?

All hangouts have different thermal and opacity properties, producing some additional superior at blocking the sun and cooling your home than others.

Blackout Blinds

  • Blackout hangouts are one of your stylish add-ons as they help sun from transferring through the opaque fabric and from the room getting too hot. A client fave for bedrooms, blackout window blinds won't only allow you to sleep at a comfortable temperature but also stop any light seepage so the room is pitch black to produce the ideal resting atmosphere for you and the wider family.

  • Perhaps you work irregular patterns or night shifts and must sleep during the day. Blackout hangouts are a perfect choice, particularly during heatwave temperatures, which have been breaking records in the early evening.

  • Blackout hangouts are available in colourful styles, including roller window blinds, vertical hangouts, transparent blinds, roman blinds and pleated blinds.

Motorized Roller Blinds

  • Electric roller window blinds can enhance the energy effectiveness of your home indeed further. By automating window blinds to close during the high temperature of the day and open when the sun disappears, you can maximise the capability to keep your home cooler.

  • These smart window blinds can be operated from anywhere in the world using a smartphone app, so indeed when down from home, you can still open and close them to produce the perfect conditions for your return. You can also set automatic timekeepers and connect your hangouts to other smart home devices to produce private screenplays to suit your life.

  • Electric roller window blinds teamed with a light-coloured blackout fabric are the ideal selection to help overheating and better energy effectiveness.

Roman Blinds

  • As easy as advancing a full look to your roman window blinds our high-quality thermal lining protects against overheating. The particularly designed thermal lining provides another layer of protection and a barrier to the sun. Controlling the temperature of the space keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.

  • The thermal lining will produce your space additionally energy effective and help you save deep pockets on energy bills.

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