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How to hang Window Curtains?


17 February 2021

  • A room never really feels complete until the windows are fully dressed. Curtains and window coverings add that lovely, finished layer that will truly transform an area. Something as simple as a classic white linen curtain works whenever.

  • Of course, finding the right drapery is merely half the equation. the opposite half is ensuring to hold them properly. Things like calculating the fullness or deciding how high to hold the rod all play a neighborhood. We’ve put together a fast guide to window curtain sizing and hanging methods to offer you that quality designer looks each and every time. See below for five design rules to getting your drapery style and sizing well.


1.Hang them high:

Always hang the rod as high as you'll above the framework to offer your window & room a taller, grander appearance. an honest rule of thumb is to travel a minimum of 4-6″ above the framework if possible and a couple of 2-3″ below the ceiling or crown molding.

2.Choose the right length curtains:

No high-waters permitted during this bunch. When choosing the length of your window curtains, aim to possess rock bottom to graze the ground for a tailored look or a small 1-2″ puddle for a more relaxed feel.

3.Extend the curtain rod beyond the window:

Maximize your view by leaving enough room to tug your curtains entirely off the window. If you'll extend your rod beyond the window on all sides, it'll not only give the illusion of a bigger, wider window but will leave enough room for an unobstructed view.

4.Opt for Pleated Curtains and Drapes:

Go for a pleated style for a top-quality, elevated look that pairs well with drapery rings. There’s an enormous selection of pleating options – our favorite style maybe a french pleat or pinch pleat panel. We also recommend choosing lined curtains that help the panels hang better and appear more refined.

5.Double the Fullness:

Fuller panels always look better. so as to realize this look and make sure that drapes look ample even when closed, choose panels that have a combined width of two to 2.5 times that of the window.

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