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Door Step

Ideas for curtains with terminology you would like to recreate.


10 February 2021

There are many fads and fashions for dressing windows over the centuries. Our advice isn't to stress an excessive amount of about so-called rules and take your decision, ‘Absolutes don’t matter such a lot any longer. Start with our pictorial guide to curtain headings then scroll down for our selection of design ideas.

Pinch Pleat:

This popular heading provides a sensible tailored look and is simply as reception in contemporary interiors because it is in traditional ones. It requires more fabric than other headings a minimum of two and a half times the fullness is required.


For an easy and modern look, consider this heading. Unlike the eyelet heading, this one is often attached to a track. Choose kinds of cotton or sheers, which can drape well, instead of heavy weaves or embroidered fabrics.

Rod Gathered:

This gives a stunning informal look and again works best when the fabrics are lightweight. This heading is best for curtains that aren't used too often, as regular opening and shutting can damage the material.


This decorative heading, which features a line of wineglass-shaped details, is right for more traditional and formal interiors. It works particularly well with thick fabrics or silks and it is often used with either poles or tracks.


Incredibly economical on fabric, this feature feels contemporary and provides a stunning large pleat. It requires a pole and isn't suitable for curtain track systems.

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