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Most Important Things About Wallpapers You Must Know.

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4 November 2022

Wallpaper is a great addition to your Walls and spaces and can transfigure your walls into statement pieces. still, with colorful trendy designs taking over the design world, it's an integral element infrequently bandied. Yet, the suitable wallpaper textures can give your home a unique character, whether you ’re planning to redesign an old place or a brand new one.

In utmost cases, people conclude for wall paints over different types of wallpapers when revamp their homes. So, we're then to tell you everything about wallpaper textures and materials and different types of wallpapers to insure you make the right choice.

How Can I Wallpaper a Tiny Room?

Keep note that you should always choose a colour or a design that you really love. Besides the reality that you'll feel it every day, anything not specifically appealing to your taste will soon overwhelm you.

You can go for large floral or leafy prints and embrace the natural setting of the room. It also helps to deal with a low height ceiling. Our team design experts suggest that you include a combination of pastel-coloured or textures and wallpaper to create the illusion of a larger room. Horizontal stripes can make a space feel more expansive, whereas vertical stripes can stretch the room and raise the ceiling. Avoid bold, dark colours and tiny patterns because they make a room feel claustrophobic.

Do I Go with Paper or Other Materials?

Paper wallpaper is well- known for hiding defects in walls. It’s low maintenance and easy to remove and stick. Care must be taken while putting it up.

Vinyl- coated wallpaper is another fave that can be smoothly pasted to the walls. Embossed wallpaper is another great option for hiding scrapes. Fabric wallpaper,  and other materials are considered lavish choices but are high- maintenance and have limitations in sticking to the walls.

Where Can I Try Small Wallpaper Prints?

You can usually use a small pattern in a spacious living room where windows or children's bedroom, Next to doors, and built-in furniture separate the walls.

Can I Make a Small Room look Larger with the Wallpapers?

Yes, making a lower room appear more expansive with suitable wallpapers is possible. As mentioned before, vertical stripes make a room wider and large, and perpendicular ones make a room high. Simple geometric patterns or textures imitating marble make a room bigger.However, a minimum repeating pattern in a lighter colour can make a larger space, If used in the entire room. slant patterns work well in blockish apartments.

What Is a Pattern Repeat?

In the case of vertical and perpendicular patterns, it's pivotal to pay attention that the prints must have an equal distance and match the alignment on both sides. Geometric patterns take further time and labor for perfect alignment. In contrast, flowery patterns and aimlessly aligned patterns bear smaller repeats and are easier to work with.

What Are the Do’s &  Don’ts of Installing a Wallpaper?


  • Careful planning and preparation are the keys to successful wallpapering.

  • Determine the quantity of paper wanted and buy all of it at onetime.

  • Ensure all the papers are from the same batch to maintain colour/ pattern thickness.

  • Measure and cut the papers. Line them up on the bottom to understand how they look on the wall before pasting them.


  • Don’t start with a large area.

  • Don’t start without preparing your walls.

  • Don’t choose a wallpaper that doesn’t suit your being interior style and homestretches.

  • Don’t go for complicated patterns.

  • Don’t forget to hire a professional for advice.

Do Walls Need to Be Painted before Wallpapering? How Long Does Wallpaper Last?

An excellent wallpaper installation starts with proper wall preparation.However, there might be a slip, If the walls aren't strong enough to hold the paste used to stick the wallpaper. therefore, it's important to makeup before hanging your wallpaper.

Wallpapers are highly reliable and can last up to 15 years.

Above all, choose wallpaper materials based on the room’s purpose, continuity, and ease of conservation. Kitchens, hallways, and children’s apartments need water- resistant wallpapers. You can do this singly, but a little professional backing can save you energy and moneybags

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