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Perfect Pairs – Choosing Matching Wallpaper For Your Home


7 September 2021

  • The amazing thing about wallpaper is its versatility. Whether you select to use one paper to embellish all four walls, or plan to combine multiple designs together, there are numerous options for you to select from. during this post today, we are getting to check out a number of our favorite wallpaper pairings and what makes them work so well together.

White and Grey Wallpaper

  • The first of our featured pairs is Grey and White Star Wallpapers. Both colorways of this stunning star print paper are among our bestselling designs! The easiest to use papers feature a repeating large star motif during a soft grey or white. the mixture of white and pastel grey colors will give your room a light-weight and airy feel and therefore the neutrality of the color palette and patterns makes them perfect for a variety of rooms including lounges, bedrooms, studies, hallways, and nurseries.

Unicorn and Pink Glitter Wallpaper

  • If you're looking to embellish a child’s bedroom, nursery, or playroom, then we've got the right paper pairing for you! The Arthouse believes Unicorns Glitter Wallpaper works beautifully with the brand’s gentle Glitterati Pink Glitter Wallpaper. With an embossed textured paper that has been infused with brilliant silver glitter particles, the Glitterati paper’s delicate pastel pink is that the ideal paper to border the believe Unicorns design and make a very stunning feature wall. The believe Unicorns paper features a wonderful collage style design with an assortment of unicorn silhouettes alongside inspiration quotes during a range of pastel candy colors.

Charcoal Elephant and Arrow Wallpaper

  • The neutral colors of those two designs work together to make a classy and classy finish. The Journeys Elephant Grove Wallpaper features beautifully detailed illustrations of majestic elephants surrounded by tall palm trees and wild birds. The sketch-style image is printed on delicate charcoal and is finished with subtle metallic highlights. The Journeys Arrow Weave Wallpaper perfectly complements the Elephant Grove with an up-to-date chevron zig-zag pattern. Both papers also paste the wall designs, making them easier than ever to hold.

  • The above examples are just three of thousands of possibilities! a bit like in these examples when picking your own perfect pairs, confirm you select colors that enhance one another and patterns that don’t crash. If one wallpaper is extremely detailed and busy then perhaps consider picking a clear or lightly patterned design for the second paper. Also, take into consideration the natural light and size of your room.

  • Two dark-colored papers might be quite daunting during a small or poorly lit room, whereas a feature wall decorated with darker paper and framed with a white or light design could instead elongate the space.

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