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Stay Cool & Comfortable in this Summer...


5 June 2021

  • Summer brings the family together. It’s the vacations and what’s best than to possess this get-together playing and having fun while sitting on your most comfortable sofas within the hall. Summers are bright and glossy bringing out the will of redecorating your house with more appealing seating arrangements for guests and relations.

  • Hot weather turns the sofas into hotpots making us uncomfortable. We at Design Walls have an expert team that style sofas consistent with seasons and luxury . Here are a couple of tips for your summer sofas to remain cool and cozy.

Keep your sofa in a cool place:

Sun rays are absorbed quickly by the sofa within the front room , hence avoid the place with more sunlight and position the sofa during a cool place. this will benefit in making the sofa easier and avoid discoloration of the glamourous and delightful colors of the sofa.

Choosing the right color:

  • Light colors have a soothing and cooling effect. Always choose a light-weight color sofa which will reflect heat turning your sofa into a cool one absorbing all of your stress directly.

  • Fabric Sofa Sets makes the summers cool as fabric sofas reflect the warmth . We design a number of the top-notch sofas which will bloom the design of your house and may provide comfort for long hours during this scorching heat. the material sofa is that the perfect addition to your front room.

  • Leave the thinking process to us. Don’t attempt to purchase a settee that appears out of the box but cannot help within the end of the day and causes you to compromise on comfort and material level. This pandemic has laid a setback in everyone’s life and therefore the only thing which will assist you release your tension is your family around you laughing merrily on your sofas.

  • Well, now you want to be thinking do I even have such comfortable summer suitable sofas. If not, we've the solution for you, approach Design Walls to urge the foremost trendy and seasonal sofas which will make your summers the foremost relaxing and replenishing ones. Let the bounce on the sofa remind you of the cooling splash and expunge the pressure.

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