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The Ultimate Guide To Caring For Commercial Carpet on How To Clean?

Carpets, Wooden Flooring

3 October 2023

Caring for commercial carpet is essential to maintain its appearance and prolong its lifespan. Regular cleaning helps to remove dirt, stains, and allergens, ensuring a clean and healthy environment. Here is the ultimate guide to cleaning commercial carpet:

1. Vacuum regularly: Vacuuming is the first step in maintaining your commercial carpet. Regular vacuuming removes loose dirt and prevents it from settling deep into the fibers. Use a high-quality vacuum cleaner with strong suction and ensure that all areas, including corners and edges, are thoroughly cleaned.

2. Spot clean spills and stains: Accidents happen, and it's important to address spills and stains promptly to prevent them from becoming permanent. The stain might spread and harm the carpet fibres if you rub it. As directed by the manufacturer, gently clean the stain using a carpet cleaner or a solution of water and mild detergent.

3. Deep clean periodically: Regular deep cleaning is crucial to remove deep-seated dirt and grime that cannot be eliminated by vacuuming alone. There are several methods to deep clean commercial carpet:

- Hot water extraction: This method, also known as steam cleaning, is the most effective and widely recommended technique. It involves using hot water and a specialized carpet cleaning solution. A carpet cleaning machine sprays the solution onto the carpet and then extracts it along with the dirt and debris. Professional steam cleaning services are available, or you can rent a carpet cleaning machine for DIY use.

- Dry cleaning: This method uses a specialized cleaning powder or foam that is spread onto the carpet and then worked into the fibers. The powder or foam absorbs the dirt and is vacuumed up, leaving the carpet clean and dry. Dry cleaning can be a convenient option for areas that require quick drying times.

- Encapsulation: This method uses synthetic detergents that crystallize into a powder when dry. The detergent is applied to the carpet and then agitated to encapsulate the dirt particles. Once dry, the detergent can be vacuumed away, removing the trapped dirt.

4. Regularly clean high-traffic areas: High-traffic areas, such as entrances and hallways, accumulate dirt more quickly. Pay extra attention to these areas by vacuuming them more frequently and spot cleaning any spills or stains immediately.

5. Use entrance mats: Placing entrance mats at the entrances and exits of your space.

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