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Why are people buying sheer or blackout curtains?


3 May 2021

Everyone buys window curtains, but that’s not helpful on its own, so let’s probe some problems they solve. The three big reasons people buy them are one, to regulate light; two, to control the temperature in living spaces; and three, to keep prying eyes out (i.e. privacy).

Common motives to purchase:

  • New apartment/home

  • Transform the design of lebensraum with minimal effort

  • Shared living spaces that require to be affordably divided (hi, NYC dwellers)

  • Lower energy bills in hot regions/seasons *keeping the sun from warming your space

  • Lower energy bills in colder regions/seasons *supports trapping warmth

  • Blackout curtains for nurseries & bedrooms.

Who is buying sheer or blackout curtains?

Looking at the above list of times someone would buy window curtains, here’s a fast break out of who you ought to consider messaging to.

Sorts of window curtain buyers:

  • New renters and residential owners

  • Urban dwellers trying to find the privacy

  • Anyone sharing alittle lebensraum

  • Anyone living in hot regions

  • Energy conscious consumers

  • New parents

  • Light sleepers

When do people need window curtains?

  • For blackout curtains, think midsummer, which happens in June. this is often the longest daylight day of the year. It’s not coincidental that search volume spikes in June–right down the week of the midsummer. Customers try to regulate temperatures on those long, hot days.

  • Sheer curtains see the pretty consistent year-long performance with a spike within the summer as well–early July specifically. this is often likely thanks to sheer curtains being more decorative than practical in their use cases, but still effective in their intended use.

  • Aside from those seasonal nuances, we see similar trends across both window curtain types. Since both are technically different products, we’ll escape search volume for “sheer curtains” and “blackout curtains” independently

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