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23 January 2021

Did you recognize that color is related to numerous things from energy and feelings to memories and associations? The psychology of color may be a real thing and maybe a vital element to think about when designing an area, from the ceiling right down to the floors.

Let’s review some popular colors and the way they influence mood during a room:

Yellow Curtains:

Yellow may be a bold color; It’s also considered bright and related to bright, energy, and in fact, the sun. Some would say it’s an aggressive color, counting on the tone of it, so unless you’re meaning to make a bold statement it might be best to remain within the light pastel colors where yellow induces a way of happiness and “sunny” joy.

Red Curtains:

Red is that the color of passion and romance; it’s the color of energy. it's said that the blind can feel red of all the colors due to the pulses that it gives. Use red in rooms where you would like to make energy or an intimate feeling. Red is usually considered for the main bedroom, but because it’s a stimulant color, it’s best for an area you’re not wanting to attend sleep in, like a front room, dining room, or maybe kitchen.

Orange Curtains:

Orange is taken into account a friendly color; a mixture of red and yellow, (bright and sunny) it’s typically related to fun and creativity. Orange is an inspiring color, typically promoting movement. Like red, it’s a stimulant color, and best fitted to rooms during which you would like to make some energy.

Green Curtains:

Green is related to many things; money, nature, envy depending on the shade, it is often very relaxing or it is often electrifying. It can remind you of tall pine trees, grass, or maybe emerald green waters. Green is flexible and may work for any room of the house whether it's to relax or to be entertained.

Blue Curtains:

Blue seems to be a standard favorite. This color is usually calming. It’s related to the ocean, the sky, tranquility restfulness, and peacefulness. Darker blue fabrics are an excellent choice for curtains and can add depth to your contemporary interior design. Blue is additionally said to be the color of honesty and devotion.

All colors have an impression on our emotions and the way we experience an area believe how you would like you and your guests to feel during a room before deciding which colors to include.

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