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23 February 2021

How does one put your personal stamp on a property that may not yours?

  • Many folks were forced to suppress our interior creativity when living in rental properties. you would possibly have bold interior design plans, but will your landlord be happy for you to completely change the design of their property?

  • However, we have got a touching secret to share with you. you'll redecorate your rental home and take away your changes without leaving a trace once your lease is up. Our range of paste-the-wall designs in our Design Walls Easy wallpaper collection gives you the facility to rework your rental property with ease.

  • Printed on a non-woven wallpaper, the range was specially designed to supply a simple decorating method for DIY novices. Stripping your wallpaper is going to be even as easy as putting it up, as we are Easy range comes off in one swift swipe. There is no need for peeling leftover strips of ripped paper, each design is often removed when it is time to go away from the property.

  • So now that you simply skills to wallpaper your thanks to a cheerful rental home and fill the blank canvas around you, here's some inspiration to assist you to overhaul your rental property. don't be concerned, we cannot tell the landlord!

  • Many rental properties begin life with clinical white walls, yet you would be amazed at what proportion difference you'll make just by adding some textured wallpaper. Our pattern or customized wallpapers instantly bring an air of sophistication to any room. A subtle change that uses metallic elements on waves of texture to feature depth to your interior design, a wavy pattern gently flows from the ceiling to the ground, creating a relaxing atmosphere because it goes.

But perhaps being starved of color has left you looking for bright beautiful blooms? If so, our Poppies Red wallpaper may be the plan to curb your craving.

  • An injection of vibrancy could really boost your personality and make your house a home. The rosy red hue brings a warming wave into your home that makes an inviting atmosphere for all. Such an intense backdrop is often removed in minutes to return the space to its former state, once you prefer to move somewhere more permanent.

  • Often when renting, all we would like are some familiar home comforts. Our wallpaper may be fantastic thanks to bringing a homely vibe to your residence. With a small rustic edge, this wallpaper can add to any room and any environment. Even rental city apartments will enjoy the way this wallpaper emulates the distinct sense of cozy cottages, giving a completely New Look and feel to any room.

Sick of watching the white space left behind by your landlord? How about creating a complete contrast with our Majestic black wallpaper?

  • This decadent black wallpaper embodies a standard sense of luxury that rental properties often miss. When it involves traditional damask wallpaper, the amazing scrolls and swirls offer a classy aura of elegance.

  • Of course, there also are more subtle ways to place your stamp on a property, including our gorgeous range of wall art. Our mixed-media collection especially adds the right splash of color and character, with meaningful motivational quotes to lift your spirits.

  • Hung from stylish golden chains, these printed canvases make the right temporary decoration for homes that lack that final touch of personality.

  • It really is very easy to place your own spin on a property, regardless of how temporary your residency, so browse our Design Walls collection today and switch your house into a home.

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