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Smart Tips for brightening your space in the gloomy monsoon.


9 July 2021

It is that time of the year again!

  • The monsoon is here! It brings with it many greenery, a cool breeze, a soothing vibe, and, of course, longer indoors. it's also that point of the year where you're confined in your homes for many of the months.

  • You will probably spend longer sitting there on the sofa in your front room watching your favorite game, chatting away together with your relations, or probably spending some me-time within the cozy balcony of yours comfortably relaxing in your small sofa set. It becomes important therefore to possess a comfort level, ease, and an aesthetically appealing look to enjoy the blissful feeling in your space.

  • Finding the way to brighten a dull room is usually a challenging task but once you get the seating arrangement right, then everything will fall in situ. this is often very true during the monsoon because the sky is going to be overcast for many of the time blocking the natural light in your house.

  • It paves the way for a dark atmosphere which may make your mood dull. Unfortunately, you can't do anything about the weather outside. However, you sure can incorporate a vivacious atmosphere in your home! which begins with the proper seating arrangement.

We take a look at different types in your home on how to brighten your living space-

For the living room

  • The monsoon compiles more family time and people endless tea and snack sessions. The front room is that the place where you'll spend a sufficient part of your day.

Fabric sets

  • To fit your front room look. If you're an individual which loves colors you'll enter for bright shades like orange, yellow, purple, green, magenta, or maybe red! they're going to instantly add a fun element to your front room. Bright colors have a big positive effect on our minds.

For the bedroom

  • This is where you'll be a touch more creative regarding the seating arrangement, colors, and also with fabric. you'll select from the widest range available with us. a sofa arrangement looks good during a bedroom and also adds a cool vibe.

  • you'll place the settee next to your bed or near the window. Having a sofa may be a good idea because it won’t take much space but serve the aim. this is often because you'll have already got a bed which may occupy the world in your room. Hence choose a little sofa arrangement. If you've got sufficient space, then you'll place a cocktail table in between the settee arrangement.

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