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Why Use Carpet Tiles & What Are They Used For?

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26 June 2023

  • To put it simply, carpet tiles are typically squares of carpet that have been cut from rolls and can be arranged to create a carpeted floor covering. There are many different carpet tile shapes available, including triangles, hexagons, and squares.

  • Wall-to-wall carpet can almost always be replaced with carpet tiles, which are very simple to install and maintain. It makes sense to place carpet tiles in the kitchen and other high-traffic areas of your home as these areas are among the first things guests notice and carpet tiles are mostly used for commercial areas. Carpet tiles also look fantastic while promoting a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

  • When selecting carpet tiles for your house or place of business, keep the following things in mind.

1. Carpet Tiles reduce cost and save time

  • The ease with which they can be lifted, moved, and installed thanks to their smaller size is one of the key advantages of carpet tiles over rolls of carpet. In general, carpet tiles require less cutting during installation, especially in apartments with odd strange angles, nooks, and shapes.

2. Carpet Tiles are easy to remove and replace

  • Carpet tiles are not only simple to install, but they are also simple to take out and put back in. Instead of being forced to replace the entire bottom covering, separate carpet tiles can be easily removed and changed in the case of damage or wear. They are therefore perfect for high-traffic areas like the kitchen.

  • While it is possible to spot-repair wall-to-wall carpets, the process is typically much more difficult than it is with Carpet Tiles, both in terms of ordering a matching carpet and in terms of the appropriate knowledge required.

3. Carpet Tiles give you great design flexibility

  • Carpet tiles have more design options than wall-to-wall carpeting. In contrast to wall-to-wall carpeting, new colouring technologies enable the production of a wide range of hues and patterns on carpet tiles.

  • It is feasible to obtain a flawless design registry across both edges of each tile by applying colour after the carpet is cut into modular carpet spots, resulting in a design that flows almost seamlessly from tile to tile.

4. Ambient advantages of Carpet Tiles

  • With the added benefit that their layered structure absorbs more structure-borne sound than wall-to-wall carpets, carpet tiles provide a significant improvement in sound situations, including large open-plan office environments, call centres, crowded bars, and busy cafes. Carpet tiles provide the same warmth, comfort, acoustic qualities, and health & safety benefits as wall-to-wall carpets.

  • In practically every marketable and institutional setting, Carpet Tiles can be employed to stunning effect. While wall-to-wall carpet continues to be the best option for large-scale patterning and to create an opulent atmosphere, Carpet Penstocks are a practical solution in almost all other situations and produce design freedom that is far superior to any other non-carpet flooring options.

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